The Wear your Twuth Team is Chicago based but we come from NYC to DET to LAX. We’re a fun loving team with values based in providing our customers with the greatest experience possible- which is why we only work with A-List suppliers and consider ourselves A-List customer service…people…. We’re here for YOU! And have the highest quality shirts on the market.


Tweets on Shirts! Our founder thought it was clever to come up with “Wear Your Twuth”, Twuth is a combo of Tweet and Truth… so you wear tweets that speak truth to you and the world. These shirts are great gifts, statements and fun.




Where ever you are…


Twitter, Instagram and Social Media are home to the messages that inspire us, make us laugh and cry... At Wear Your Twuth, you're able to show the world the message that resonate with you and wear those tweets on shirts.

Your favorite quotes, tweets, IG posts speak to you, mean something to you and shape your world. The people we follow inspire us, make us laugh, cry and shape the way we see and act in the world. Wear that, spread that feeling, support the artist, icon, politician that speaks to you and use thier content to spread your truth

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