Best Mason Ramsey Tweets

#1 “Who wore it better? @edsheeran @PostMalone”

First of all, let me ask where in the world are Post Malone and Mason Ramsey hanging out together? Do they run in similar circles? Mason Ramsey is more popular in the Hip-Hop community than he is in the country scene. Also, these pictures seem to be Christmas themed… have you hard Mason Ramsey’s “White Christmas” yet?

#2 If I wanna be great I gotta force myself to do things I gotta do.

There have never been truer words from a 12 year old. What he’s referring too though? Is it taking a bath? Writing songs? Eating broccoli? Opening for headliners when he’s clearly a headliner himself? Home school or guitar practice? There’s alot going on for this tween, he’s got to keep his head down and he knows it.

#3 It’s holiday szn

This is next level meme-ship.. So much so that it makes me wonder if he runs his own account or if it’s his Grandpa.. Either way this is a *fire emoji* meme that we’re all feeling after Thanksgiving has passed.

#4 I wanna go back to coachella

Relatable… though I think our Coachella experiences were a little different. Mason was rocking out to a crowd of thousands of screaming fans, going back to an air conditioned suite while I was one of those screaming fans trying to elbow my way to the front for the chance to touch Beyonce’s bodyguard going back to a grungy tent with 8 other people.

#5 Had the pleasure of playing at the gas station by my house. Me and Grandpa Ernie spent a lot of time playing at gas stations, truck stops, and Walmart to catch a crowd. Hope you enjoy my song Yo Da Lady Who!

They say never forget your roots, though I think it’d be tough for Mason to forget hit roots, considering he’s been famous for 3 months. It’s great to see he’s going back to his hometown and connecting with the good salt of the earth people here. What’s even better is he used to perform at this same gas station, before he was famous.

#6 Get you a man who can do both

I don’t have the slightest clue as to what this is supposed to mean. Something like a mullet maybe? Business in the front party in the back? Hard like a Cowboy on the surface, soft like cheese on the inside?

#7 My grandpa Ernie makes the best ham

Weird flex but ok? Isn’t ham just ham? Does he make the best ham on Christmas? The best ham sandwiches? What are we talking here? OR did Grandpa Ernie get ahold of Mason’s phone, was feeling good about a ham sandwich he just made and did some self promotion? (that’s my guess)

#8 Saturdays are for the boys

Who has this kids phone? Who is managing this account? How does he know Saturdays are for the boys?? If you haven’t seen this video, it’s a must watch, it’s Mason and his friends absolutely ripping guitars and banjos as if they’d been doing this their whole lives (seems like they have)

#9 No caption

Who’s idea was this? Had to have been Mason’s. I’m just glad to see this old trick hasn’t been forgotten. If you didn’t do this as a kid, did you really even have a childhood?

#10 No snake in these boots

Don’t mess with Mason Ramsey! No snake in these boots! This one was clearly for the love interests in Mason’s life. Looking TOUGH!

#11 I love meeting my fans! @Ludacris

With this caption, Mason completely WRECKED Ludacris… this tweet is like stepping over somebody you just dunked on. He’s saying, I’m the Alpha now, thanks for being a fan of mine. Mason is absolutely cut throat, no love in this industry.

#12 My deer friend Felicia

Mason Ramsey comes from a place where THEY HAVE DEER ON LEASES, this is some next level Brother Nature Stuff here. And how did he get the deer to kiss him? Where is Felicia now? This was obviously a few years ago, did they keep Felicia? Did they eat her? So many questions...

#13 This is my best friend Minnow. A few weeks ago we were supposed to go to a baseball game but I had to go work on music in Nashville. I got to see him today and surprised him with this xbox! Never forget your friends

The fact that Mason Ramsey’s best friend’s name is Minnow makes me love him that much more. Just two kids playing some xbox. Now- will Mason lose himself in the fame? Or will he always remember his old friend MINNOW??

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